EasyPAT 1.0

EasyPAT produces professional looking certificates quickly and easily (See all)

EasyPAT is used to print Portable Appliance Testing certificates onto plain or company headed paper. EasyPAT produces professional looking certificates quickly and easily. Certificates can be filled in onsite or at the office and then quickly printed or even emailed direct to your client.
All certificates can be printed directly onto plain paper, along with your company logo and electronic signature if required.
A range of certificates can be printed for your records, including an appliance register showing passed and failed items, or print detailed reports showing test results and failed reasons for each appliance. Completion Certificates can also be printed to be given to your customer.
Main features:
-Email Reports to Clients
-Find Appliances Quickly and Easily
-Certificate Reminders
-Spelling Check
-Validate Appliances
-Add Scanned Signatures
-Setup Pricing Schemes
-Add Company Logo
-Replace Abbreviations
-Import and Export Certificates
-Print Invoices
-Add Comments Pages
-Outlook Address Book Integration
-Online Web Backup (New!)
-Add Photograph Attachments
-Support for Windows Phone 7 (New!)
-Save Reports as PDF

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